澳门唯一正规官方网站 in Virginia Beach is your personal physician and medical practice for treating the most intimate 担忧 of your health and well-being. 当你选择成为我们的病人时,我们知道你不会轻易做出决定. We expect that you have high qualification standards for your personal physician. 当您选择布莱克伍德家庭医疗作为您的初级保健提供者时, 我们将提供高质量的标准,您正在寻找和更多.

If you are a patient and have not been seen in over 2 years or would like to schedule a physical, please call 757-523-0022 as these types of appointments are not available for online scheduling.

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亲爱的病人们,我们希望这条信息能让你一切安好. We want to inform you about an ongoing telephone outage in our area affecting Cox Communications services. 虽然我们理解…… 阅读更多


While you are waiting for the test please continue to isolate in order to prevent infection to others. 如果您的病情在收到检测结果前恶化,请及时寻求… 阅读更多


截至1月25日, Virginia Beach Health District will expand COVID-19 Vaccination to “Phase 1b” recipients. 点击这里了解更多.

Privia Health的一部分


布莱克伍德家庭医疗是Privia Health的一部分. Privia connects us with leading doctors in the community to transform healthcare by delivering high-quality, 以病人为中心的协调护理.

了解有关帮助您管理医疗保健的资源的详细信息, 或者找其他普里维亚的医生, 拜访他们 网站.



创始人罗伯特·C. 布莱克伍德,M.D., has been serving patients in the Virginia Beach / Tidewater area for more than 30 years. 澳门唯一正规官方网站 provides personalized healthcare for your whole family. 他们的医生, 护士, 员工们会以最大的尊重和同情对待你.


在当地找一家高质量的家庭医疗诊所是很方便的. Getting excellent healthcare — for all ages — treating pediatric to senior citizen 担忧, 对整个身心都是如此, 从头到脚, 不仅仅是方便. 它在一个地方提供完整的医疗保健.

"When a doctor completes their PhD - they will graduate with the ability to understand the human condition respective to their field. What cannot be taught to doctors in school is a good business sense for customer relations, 性格好, 做一个处处都很酷的人. These (very important trust building) qualities are by in-large qualities one is born with. Dr. 在我的经验中,布莱克伍德是值得信赖的, 性格好, 他是一个很酷的人. 见鬼,如果他不是你的医生,你可能会想成为他的朋友! Oh yeah and he really knows all the academic insight you’d hope to gain by going to see a doc."

“我会推荐布莱克伍德家庭医疗公司. 专业,友好,善良,非常乐于助人!"

"I’m a new patient, but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how caring the staff and Dr. 雷纳·布莱克伍德."

“他们总是可以在最后一分钟的约会中工作. 我和医生相处得很愉快, 护士, 还有这里的医师助理. 很快就能得到推荐,他们真的会听你的. 有很多医生对此不屑一顾,但在这个诊所里却不是这样. 每个人都非常好,等待时间也不长."

"I had a unique situation in getting to our first appointment for our newborn daughter. 我们出门的时候,我丈夫扭伤了脚踝. 执业护士不仅给我丈夫带来了助行器, but she also led us straight to the baby room in the back of the office through an easy access door. 预约结束后,我也被允许留在后面护理. 对于这位第一次当妈妈的母亲来说,这是一种受欢迎的款待. Dr. 布莱克伍德是一位经验丰富的医生,我用了他一辈子, 我也毫不犹豫地把女儿带到他面前."

“永远不用等待. 工作人员又快又友好. Dr. Blackwood is smart, friendly, informative, and never seems like he's rushing you out. 我的博士. 拜访就像拜访朋友一样. 强烈推荐."

"Dr. 布莱克伍德过去二十年来一直是我的家庭医生. 他真的很关心他的病人,也会花时间去了解你. 他是一位优秀的医生,希望他的病人身体最好."


下面是他的自传. 罗伯特·布莱克伍德为您了解更多关于澳门唯一正规官方网站, 让大家更了解他的背景和他的实践哲学

大约30年前, 我和妻子凯瑟琳在加拿大东部开始了我们的第一次医疗实践, 我们当时住在哪里. She managed our staff and bookkeeping while I attended to patients in our clinic and in hospital. 在一起, 凯瑟琳和我喜欢照顾我们社区的需要, 教拉玛兹课程, 提供婴儿, 对老人和居家人士进行家访. As you may know, Canada offers universal healthcare to citizens and permanent residents. The system is funded with tax-dollars and administered by provincial governments. Primary care physicians help reduce the cost of the healthcare system by treating a wide range of illnesses and performing simple and complex procedures depending on their subspecialty. For example, in addition to family medicine, I was trained in obstetrics and trauma medicine. 除了在一个10人的小镇做家庭医生之外,000, 我还去了当地的医院, 养老院, 家访, 平均每年接生60个婴儿. 专业, it was quite challenging to work under the system of socialized medicine that is in place in Canada, especially in a rural setting (although I understand many improvements have been made since then). 一方面,一方面, I had immensely rewarding relationships with my patients and I could practice medicine in a traditional way. On the other hand, compensation was low, and our growing family required more 和更多的 support.

In 1994 we moved to Virginia, hoping to find more opportunities for our children. After five years of practice with two large medical groups–and many 担忧 about the quality of care they offered–I decided it was time to start our own business. 我想在行医时把病人放在第一位, unconstrained by the edicts of executives and bureaucrats who often know little of medicine, 更不用说特定病人的需求了. So, without knowing if we would succeed or fail, I started this practice and became my own boss. 最初的几年并非没有痛苦. 为了维持我们的生计, 我晚上和周末都在急诊室当医生, 和凯瑟琳, 除了担任办公室经理之外, 有照顾我们十个孩子的巨大责任吗. 但随着时间的推移,我们建立了一个蓬勃发展的实践.

Our business has grown over the years and I believe it is because we have put our patients’ needs first: we are committed above all to caring for them as individuals and to providing them with the highest level of medical attention in the context of an extremely impersonal healthcare industry, in which individuals and their medical needs are often lost while waiting on hold with their insurer or simply ignored in favor of the bottom line. 对我们来说, 病人是有需要的真正的人, 爱, 担忧, 焦虑, 能力, and all the other complex set of things that go into making each of us who we are. 照顾他们是我的荣幸. 我们的理念是提供个性化的医疗之家, 全面的, 协调, 持续的护理不是一个空洞的卖点:这是我们所做的.

罗伯特·C. 布莱克伍德医学博士


访问您的个人健康信息和测试结果, 安全地给你的护理团队发信息, 管理支付, 都在一个地方,在你方便的时候, 24/7.

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